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Picnic Time



In case you haven’t been looking at our various social media (shame on you) you might have missed the fact that the Nottingham Type 1 Diabetes Group is having a picnic on Sunday the 31st of July at midday meeting on the steps of Wollaton Hall at 12:00 (midday).

That’s here!

All we ask is that you bring some food, drink and maybe a frisbee or some other means of entertaining ourselves for a few hours.

See you on Sunday 🙂

Thirty Two, Thirty Three, Thirty Four – Is this what normal feels like???

Are You Normal?

Are You Normal?

It’s been another long weekend, although this time literally, I had the day off work to be the little ‘un’s sole carer as Deanne was at work today. All went well, at least in terms of not having any hypos while in charge of a not-quite-one year old and in fact we had a lot of fun, including going upstairs at least three times (recently learnt and one of his favourite things to do at the moment), lots of reading, quite a lot of eating (both of us) and a few naps (him, not me!).

The actual weekend went pretty well. Sunday, being Dee’s first Mother’s Day was partly spent doing fun stuff like going to Woolaton Park and partly spent in the kitchen where I cooked an interesting meal of a kind of savoury crumble with tomatoes and onions and a side dish of sweet potatoes roasted with pineapples. They were both very good, if I do say so myself, and what is better is that I managed to make a fairly decent stab at guessing the carbohydrates in them and therefore didn’t have a hypo or get high afterwards 🙂

However the most interesting part of the weekend, at least as far as people reading this blog will be concerned is that on Saturday morning the little ‘un and I drove to Mapperly to pick up some last minute bits and pieces for Mother’s Day, it was a really nice day which I had failed to notice so I wore a fairly hefty winter coat and didn’t take his push chair so I had to carry him, it was a longer walk than I expected so by the time I got back to the car I was pretty overheated and uncomfortable.

I did a blood test just to check that I wasn’t low…I wasn’t…and we headed back home. “Doesn’t seem too interesting so far” you say but wait, this is probably the interesting bit coming up now!

Driving home I was absent mindedly talking to the baby while I was driving at the same time as singing along to whatever was on the CD player in the car and suddenly I realised that I was thinking REALLY clearly, not just like the way I think normally but more so, but a totally different way to normal. I realised that for the past I-don’t-know-how-many years it feels like my head has been full of cotton wool and suddenly it didn’t anymore.

This feeling hasn’t persisted all the time since then, I’m assuming because my control isn’t completely stable as yet, but I certainly feel a lot better in the thinking department than I have done for a good while.

I guess this must be what being normal must feel like???

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