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Thirty Five – Apparently a tetrahedral number! Who knew???

Make your own Tetrahedron

Make your own Tetrahedron

It’s been more than 24 hours since I had an actual hypo! That’s pretty good really as I’m pretty sure I’ve had at least one every day since going on the pump. Of course the bad bits of life on an insulin pump (or in this case starting to use one) tend to be the bits that don’t get talked about very often. I should probably try and do something about that but I might have to have a bit of a think about it first and get back to you.

Conversely though I have had two test above sixteen in the last twenty four hours as well which is a bit odd as I’ve definitely been having a lot less high results recently. It’s particularly strange because I don’t feel ill and have no visible or obvious signs that anything is up with my infusion set/cannula/pump/etc.???

On the other hand I got an alarm last night reminding me to change my infusion set and I thought “it’s only been like two days, I’ll wait until tomorrow”! Of course the pump was right and I was wrong, it had actually been three days since my last change and therefore I’ve had this infusion set in for nearly four days now and the cannula has been in nearly seven I guess! Oops.

So I’ll change it as soon as I get home tonight, I would do it at work but frankly people tend to be a bit ‘funny’ about medical stuff so sticking a big old needle in to my stomach is probably quite a good way to make some colleagues faint. Fun as this would be I’d prefer to wait until it’s just me and Deanne before doing any such medical acrobatics (I also know that my house is clean, whereas you can never quite tell at the office).

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