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Day 4

My Tattoo

A Bad Picture of My Tattoo

It’s Thursday and it’s a bit of a weird day, I have a really stinking cold, in fact I seem to have been ill pretty much since before Xmas, I’m not sure if that’s hindering how the pump is doing but I decided to try telling it that I was ill when I did my lunch time blood test and bolus and it seems to have not sent me hypo (yet) so that’s good, I checked the setting and it ups my dose by 20% if I tell it I’m not well.

It’s also quite an emotional day ’cause we dropped the Little ‘Un off at nursery for his first full day today, I’m not sure if that’s weighing on my mind but if it is it doesn’t seem to be affecting my blood sugars too badly.

Following on from last night, I got home made dinner and then when I did a blood test just after 6pm I was 3.7 so I was right that I was going to get low :-S However since then I’ve been on the high side until the pump gave me an extra 1.5 units when I said I wasn’t well.

It’s funny but having the pump is a bit like when I got my tattoo, I know that one day it is going to just fade in to the background and I won’t even remember that I’ve got it but at the moment I can just feel it constantly there and doing what it does, it is an amazing bit of kit but it is a tad strange seeing it under my t-shirt when I look downwards.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to write anything tomorrow or over the weekend but I’ll make sure I get something down at the very least on Monday. I hope these posts are helping people feel like they are part of something because Diabetes can be a fairly lonely disease and it’s nice to finally be able to share my thoughts and feelings about it with others.

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