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Other Type 1 Bloggers



I’ve finally been having a bit of a poke around on WordPress to see if I can find any other interesting people talking about Diabetes, it appears that there are quite a lot of Type 1s on here some of whom mostly talk about Diabetes and some of whom just write about whatever comes in to their head at the time.


This one was only started recently and is purely about the Diabetes, check it out and leave some comments so they know there are people reading it.

The Princess of Pavement

She runs for fun and fitness and posts some really interesting information about coping with Type 1 Diabetes and exercising, she is also on an Insulin Pump.


A blog about life with Diabetes in quite a lot of depth.

The Pretty Well Inconsequential Flux Capacitor

Don’t ask me why it’s called that! Also a runner, seems to have lots of bad dreams 😦

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