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Twenty Four…Hours from Tulsa???

24 Hours From Tulsa

24 Hours From Tulsa

It’s Friday. That is a good thing, this week has flashed past but at least the working part of it is nearly over.

Pump wise I’m feeling pretty good, my control is okay but I need to make a concerted effort next week to try and do some more fasting blood glucose testing. However as that is pretty much all I have talked about for the past two weeks I’ll give it a break now until I’ve actually managed to do them!

I have a fairly interesting weekend planned involving childcare (a good thing), DIY (good when it’s done) and the possibility that I may be doing a car-boot sale over in Clifton on Sunday (scary). However this depends a bit on circumstances. It’s a possibility that Deanne will do it but she seems to have caught whatever it is the little ‘un has had the past week or so, if it continues it might have to be me that does the market trader impression.

I’ll let you all know how it goes on Monday, and how the pump stands up to the action.

Three Weeks

Uurgh Blood

Uurgh Blood

Once again I had planned to eat nothing at lunch time and do blood tests throughout the afternoon and once more I was foiled by a low at my second blood test. On the bright side I got to have a tasty chocolate bar and a quiche from Boots for lunch!

I realised the last few days that I was relying a bit too heavily on the things I had read and the advice that I have been given (good as that advice is) and have been totally failing to listen to the person that knows my diabetes best, yep, you’ve guessed it, me!!! I have been doing everything by the book and not actually thinking about things with my sensible head on.

So the last day or two I have been looking at the food I’m eating and using best guess as a method of carbohydrate counting. Although I know that I occasionally get it wrong this way 90% of the time I do a better job of guessing than when I actually measure food out. I have also been thinking about my basal rate, as evidenced by the playing around I did at the weekend with Temporary Basal Rates while I was DIYing, I may need a few more attempts before I get them right but frankly I did better with my finger in the air method than I have with my ‘looking through the book’ attempts so far.

Anyway, once more I have failed to do my afternoon fasting blood glucoses and so I think I may try again tomorrow but instead of having extra breakfast I might just have my normal breakfast and spend the afternoon hungry, Although Toast and then Bran Flakes are definitely filling I have a suspicion that Bran Flakes do something odd to me (not like that, stop giggling at the back) and mean that my blood sugar takes a dive around midday, which is obviously when I start the blood tests.

So will attempt three bear any more fruit? You’ll have to wait to find out…

Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty

Party Time

Party Time

Saturday was an interesting day, Deanne spent most of the morning cooking for the big party in the afternoon which meant I spent the morning solely looking after the Little ‘Un. It was obviously quite hard work because by 13:00 when it got to party time I had already had two hypos!

However the afternoon went a lot better than expected. I’ve always had a problem in the past with buffets because I tend to badly miscalculate how much bigger than my eyes my belly is, that is I tend to keep eating until I realise my stomach is full and I can’t eat anything else. However for pretty much the first time ever I put food on my plate in the knowledge that if I kept eating I could just wind up a bit more insulin on the handset and keep on eating! Through the afternoon my blood sugar hung out around the five mark. I was very pleased about this.

Sunday was a DIY day (again) and it went pretty well, I tried winding down to 50% as a temporary basal rate and it seemed to do the trick, although I put it back to 100% a bit too quick after I’d finished and so I dropped a bit too quick. It was a lot better than usual though.

Today I was going to do some more fasting blood tests, however things haven’t quite gone to plan. Against accepted wisdom instead of redoing my morning one which I did last week I decided to try doing the 12:00 to 18:00 one, my idea being that I seem to drop (in to a hypo) pretty much every afternoon and that I need to sort this out pretty quick so I can get on with my afternoons without worrying about it anymore.

I certainly don’t seem to be having hypos or otherwise with the small adjustment I made to my morning basal rate so I figured I can come back to that one at a later date. However I did my first test at midday and it was 4.3. “Hmm” I thought, “that’s pretty low” but decided not to worry about it. Did another test at one and it was 2.8. This rather rained on my parade because of course you can’t continue with a fasting set of tests if you’ve had something to eat so I guess I’ll be trying again tomorrow?

Sweet Sixteen

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It’s Thursday, so that means it must be volleyball tonight, last weeks session went pretty well and so I’m not worried about it however it puts me in a bit of a predicament because if I hadn’t been going to practice tonight I would probably have done my second try at morning fasting blood glucose tests tomorrow but my blood sugar will still be writhing around after the exercise.

Then it’s obviously the weekend and I’m almost certain that in the long run I’m going to have to set up another profile for weekends as I seem to run on a different body-clock when I’m not working.

So I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday to try again. As mentioned previously I think I will need to put my insulin up by another .1 or .2 of a unit but we’ll see early next week I guess.

The other reason I can’t do a lot at the weekend is because on Saturday we have a joint birthday party for the six boys belonging to Deanne and I and the five other couples who attended the NCT classes we went to last year, all the boys either are, or are about to become one year old so I thought I’d say a quick Happy Birthday to Casper, Louie, George, Joshua, Charlie and JJ. Happy birthday lads 🙂

Then on Sunday it’ll be DIY again, it’s totally my own fault for leaving it until the very last minute and therefore I have no-one to blame but myself for the amount of things I need to do around the house.

Just out of interest the hypo I had yesterday was one of those terrible ones where you feel all paranoid and can’t really figure out what is going on, I don’t actually remember why I did a blood test but it’s lucky I did because I think another five minutes and I might have been incapable (of doing anything).

I’ve also been feeling really hungry lately, not just when I’m low but a lot of the time and I think it might be down to the fact that I’m finally getting relatively stable blood sugars, at least compared to how they used to be! This means that I am learning what the messages my stomach gives me are, and mostly they seem to be “I’m hungry”!!!

Days 11, 12 and 13…Unlucky for Some!

Headless Donkey

Headless Donkey

As suggested I did indeed do some DIY over the weekend, however with the slapdash atitude those who know and love me have come to expect I approached the tasks I needed to do in fits and starts and therefore didn’t think it was worth dropping my dose any to accommodate the bits and pieces of work I was doing.

However the lack of any extra effort in my control didn’t seem to affect me too much, on Saturday when I did the greatest bulk of the work I was high once in the morning, which isn’t unusual, however in the afternoon I had three low’s but I put those down to innaccurate guessing of carbohydrates rather than the calorie burning and exercise that goes with doing it yourself.

Sunday was a different kettle of fish altogether, I was quite low at midday when I stopped for lunch, and all I had done in the morning was a small amount of painting…after lunch my blood sugar shot up within a couple of hours to 18!!! I have no idea why this happened as I’m sure I did my calculating right for lunch. Then when it got to tea time at about six o’clock I was low again (I’m talking under two for both of these ones).

Then to top off my Sunday at nearly half nine at night I had my first <NOT WORKING> alarm, and rather than being cool calm and collected I ran around the house like a headless donkey because I couldn’t find my manual to tell me what was going on. It was an E4 – Occlusion, which it turns out means that you should change the cannulla then check if that has fixed it. It did. So I had supper and went to bed.

For some reason today I seemed unable to get my BMs down, I had a 13, a 15, a 10 and a 12 before my body took over doing it’s normal mid-afternooon drop and I got low. However I seem okay now and I think that I’m going to do my first fasting BMs tonight so I’ll report back tomorrow through eyes held open with matchsticks, or more likely because of where I work pen drives or something?

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