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February 2012 Meeting Minutes

 Thought I’d (belatedly) post the meeting minutes Alex sent round on here so everyone can see them and doesn’t have to keep them in their e-mail for future reference! Here you go:

Minutes February 7 2012 

Quick round up of the minutes:

  • Firstly, a big welcome to our new members – we had plenty of you this time. I hope you enjoyed the meeting, and that you keep in touch and come again. If you need to know anything, please do get in touch and we’ll try our best to help
  • Jez thanked Beckie from Diabetes UK for coming to talk to us about the rebrand, and about the ‘research and connect’ event she’s planning for April
  • We’ve had a donation of £10.48 from a lady who sells Phoenix greetings cards and gives us 10% of profits from sales through the group. Phoenix Trading sell really nice greetings cards, wrapping paper etc please look at Sandra’s website or ask me if you’d like me to send you a copy of the catalogue
  • We also had a donation of £3.76 from Dan, who went busking in Nottingham on World Diabetes Day last November. Thank you and well done, Dan – give us more notice this year and we’ll come to support you!
  • Beckie Sharpe spoke to us about Diabetes UK’s recent rebrand. If anyone would like a copy of the handout of Beckie’s presentation, please let me know
  • After coffee, Dawn spoke to us about her life and travels with type 1 diabetes. This was fantastic, very interesting, and proved that life with diabetes is no barrier to living life how you want to. Thank you so much, Dawn. The frio wallets that Dawn told us about can be found at or even better, from, which is run by my friend Tim who runs a support group for young(er) people in London with type 1 diabetes.
  • Next meetings: a social on Saturday 26 May, 7.30pm, at Via Fossa, a ‘formal’ meeting on Tuesday 12 June, 7.30pm, YMCA ICC and also Tuesday 2 October, 7.30pm, YMCA ICC. Agendas for formal meetings to be announced closer to the time. We’ll also have a social sometime in July/August, so watch this space…
  • Finally, well done to the Globetrotters (Lesley and Victor), Haydn, and Paul, who all won wine on the raffle, and commiserations to Yvonne for winning Jez’s wooden spoons.

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