Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Down and Up

Up and Down

Up and Down

Don’t have much time to write today as I’ve been fairly busy with other bits and pieces…

Well the night time/morning results seem to be coming back to nearer where they should be at least! had a slightly earlier supper last night at 20:53 then actually managed to get out of bed before I went to sleep and was 4.1mmol/l at 23:18!

Then got up this morning and was 12.8mmol/l at 06:35. This is an improvement and just goes to show that holidays obviously have a bigger effect on control than I previously realised.

Am going to try and be a bit more of a fascist about my carbohydrate counting over the next few days just because I’m hoping that it might sort out the ups and downs I’ve been having since I got back from Dorset.

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