Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Dextrose Tablets

Dextrose Tablets

As mentioned yesterday I had a volleyball game last night, it was quite a good game as it was the last in the season and we beat one of the better teams in the league by three sets to none 🙂 however more exciting than that was before the game my blood sugar was at about eight and after the game it was about the same.

I was kind of expecting to drop to be low when I woke up this morning but it was about nine and a half so if anything I could probably have had a full dose instead of setting it for exercise when I had my supper after the game.

In other news I’m going to attempt to do my afternoon fasting blood glucose again tomorrow because I just did a blood test and was 3.4mmol/l which is obviously a bit low. Therefore please excuse any spelling mistakes that may be included in this particular post until the dextrose have kicked in 😛

Hopefully I can get to a stage before too long where I can stop having the afternoon hypos but of course being Diabetic I guess that there is no way you can permanently avoid them unless you run high all the time which causes more long term issues and complications than being low. Just one of those Diabetes things that people without it probably can’t really comprehend. Talking of which I’m considering what my options are in terms of future posts on the blog? I will definitely keep posting information about how the pump is going but would like to invite suggestions as to what other Type 1 based things people might like me to write about. I have a veritable cornucopia of experience having had Diabetes for nearly 35 years now so feel free to post your suggestions.

However I might not start diversifying with my topics until after I’ve spoken at the next Nottingham Type 1 Diabetes Group Meeting in June (I think!?) as otherwise I might run out of material for that :-S

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