Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

50 Percent Off

50 Percent Off

The change to my basal rate in the afternoon seemed to work okay because yesterday I was 3.7mmol/l at about 6pm and having just done a blood test I’m 4.8 which is a little low but not hypo at least! I suspect another couple of fasting afternoons may be necessary to get myelf completely sorted but I’ll worry about that when I get the chance to do them! I might also do some micro adjustments on my morning doses at some point to try and get the slight peaks I have later in the morning a bit flatter.

So, to the main issue, I went to volleyball last night and tried to manage my blood sugar using a mixture of the exercise setting on the pump, a temporary basal rate, jelly baby therapy and extreme violence (okay, no “extreme violence”, it’s a quote. Ten points to whoever can identify it first!). I dropped my basal rate to 50% and had an exercise dose for my dinner at 6pm. Got to volleyball at about 8 and started practice then realised I was feeling a little low by about quarter past.

I didn’t do a blood test just had four jelly babies, followed five minutes later by another four ’cause I was still feeling a bit light headed, after that I just played on! Did a blood test at about 9:40 and it was 5.5mmo/l which is a lot better than any previous attempts I’ve made to control myself through the rigours of volleyball. Did another test at about quarter past ten after finishing and it was 4.4, had some supper and again set the exercise dose on my monitor.

Woke up this morning and I was 4.9mmol/l which is AMAZING!!!

So next time I might try having four jelly babies before I start practice and then another four after the warm up and see how I go from there.

So once again I’d like to thank the staff at City Hospital’s Diabetes Unit for all their help and encouragement, they are stars.

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