Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Ladle - IT Security

Ladle - IT Security

Just a quick ‘un today as I’ve had a bit of an IT security emergency going off in the background at work (15 minutes before home time but isn’t that always the way!).

Volleyball was good last night, however I need to speak to the lovely Diabetes people at City hospital to ask them about my Exercise doses and Temporary Basal Rates because forty minutes in to the session my blood sugar was at 2.6, even though I had set my TBR to 50% two hours before going and set the “Exercise 1” setting when I had my dinner at half past six.

I was going to call them today but work got on top of me a bit so I’ll have to speak to them on monday because I have a match, rather than a practice, on Monday night. My gut instinct is that I need to drop my exercise percentage to -50% too, at the moment it’s set at -30%, which obviously isn’t enough of a drop to keep me on the level while I’m playing/practicing!

One more quick thing, if you ever get a pump remember that it knows better than you do! The other night (in fact three nights ago) it reminded me to change my infusion set and I thought “I only changed it two days ago, I’ll wait until tomorrow”, as I mentioned in a previous post. However I was wrong, so that meant I had had the infusion set in too long. I thought nothing more of it but should have listened to it because now I have a bit of a funny hard lump where it was in too long. It has gone down a bit but it’s taking it’s time. Pretty sure it’s nothing to worry about but it means that when the pump tells me to change my infusion set I really should listen.

Wasn’t that short a post was it?!?!?

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