Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Wordle: NottsType1 07/04/2011


I managed to do another set of fasting blood glucose tests this morning. They are pretty close to where they should be so I thought I’d actually share the results this time:

Time Blood Glucose mmol/l
06:31 7.1mmol/l
07:01 5.8mmol/l
07:59 5.9mmol/l
09:01 5.7mmol/l
10:01 7.1mmol/l
11:01 6.4mmol/l
12:00 5.7mmol/l
13:01 5.5mmol/l


So, that’s pretty good! I’m not sure if I should bother trying to adjust the ten and eleven o’clock results down a bit or if they are close enough? All the results are within 1.6mmol/l of each other so by all accounts I ought to not worry about it, however being the optomist/perfectionist that I like to think of myself as (my wife may disagree with both of those terms?) I might leave it for now but then come back at a later date and try and get it so the 7 comes down a bit.

I’m also a bit freaked out about the fact that when I woke up and did a blood test and then half an hour later was 1.3mmol/l different! However for one thing that isn’t enough to worry about, for another I suspect that that time of day is when your body wakes up and starts to take control of your blood sugar again and lastly that result will really come under the night time fasting tests so I’ll try not to worry about it for the time being.

If you’re wondering the image at the top is a Wordle word map of the top two hundred and fifty words from this blog up until today. I decided to go with the colour scheme that we have used for the other Notts Type 1 sites and logos and thought that it was pretty enough to show off. Feel free to go take a look 🙂

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