Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Thirty One

One Month and Counting

One Month and Counting

Well I guess however you count it I’ve been on the pump for a full month now. So how am I feeling?

Pretty good actually! I’m still having a number of hypos and highs but they are getting less, and less extreme as the days go by and as I get better at the more specific carbohydrate counting that being on a pump means you have to carry out. I’m pretty sure that I have my morning (8am to 1pm) basal rate sorted out now, think I probably need to do one more fasting test for these to make sure and then I’ll start on the next ones (probably the afternoon in case you haven’t been reading these posts for long!).

I can now cope with most food-related situations and am slowly getting my head round how to manage exercise, although because I generally only go to volleyball practice once a week it means that working this out is slower than I would hope for, “maybe you should do more exercise” I hear you say, but with a (very nearly) one year old boy to look after I get plenty, just not the going to a sports club kind, and that doesn’t have quite the same effect on my metabolism.

So what am I hoping for next?

Obviously the basal rate thing is a pretty big one to work out but other than that I am just wanting to work out how to deal with unusual situations, e.g going out for a few drinks (which I honestly don’t do very often) or when my work regime is different to normal. I probably need to think about how my activity and food differs at the weekend too.

Do you feel normal again?

I really couldn’t answer that, having no recollection of what it was like to be normal because I got Diabetes before I was two years old. On the other hand I definitely feel different to how I did before, my hypo warning signs have changed and I have started to feel hungry and thirsty, rather than feeling low or sugary.

One final thing I wanted to say before I sign off for the weekend was that last night I got home after picking the little ‘un up from nursery, Deanne arrived back about ten minutes after me, got in the house gave him a cuddle, looked at me and said “you’re low, do a blood test” which I obediently did. I was 1.7 and had completely failed to realise! Which just goes to show that no matter how technologically marvellous your kit is and how many times a day you do blood tests it is still worth having people around who you trust and can rely on!


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