Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

The Big Three Oh!

A Volleyball

A Volleyball

Well I didn’t have a hypo this morning after upping my 8am dose by 0.1 of a unit, so that’s a good start 😉

Went to a neighbourhood watch meeting in my street last night and had cake (just a small one) and wine (not that small), attempted not to be too drunk in front of our local policeman and almost managed it. My blood sugar was 6.5 when I got home afterwards so obviously didn’t do too bad an attempt at guessing the carbohydrates in the cake (15 grams, it was only little).

I can hardly believe that I’ve been on the pump for nearly a month now, however I am starting to feel in control of my life again and not so much like the pump is controlling it for me. Before long I am hoping that I’ll actually be able to forget about it completely apart from at meal times, but that could be a way away yet?

I know I’m getting a bit more complacent because today is the first day since I’ve been plugged in that I have come to work and then discovered I don’t have enough blood test sticks with me. D’oh! this means that my last blood test was at one o’clock when I had my lunch so I feel a bit lost at the moment. It’s not that I necessarily want to do a blood test, it’s just that I know that I can’t do one until I get home at about five thirty.

Of course being Thursday it’s volleyball again tonight so I’ll try winding my basal dose down to 50% at about dinner time instead of messing about like I did the last time I went, we’ll just have to wait and see if I manage to get through the session without collapsing.

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