Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Twenty Two – D’oh!

I'm a Muppet


I am in fact a fully fledged Muppet!!! Once again I tried doing my afternoon fasting, once again I dropped down until I was low by the third blood test. However this time I checked my pump to see what my basal rate was.

It turns out that when I changed my morning basal rate instead of changing the rate between 8am and 11am I actually changed it between 9am and 12am.

Therefore I have now changed it so it’s as it should have been and guess I need to wait a few days now to see if that’s right (as I probably should have done anyway) before retesting.

On the bright side at least I know that changing the basal rate has a noticeable effect now, along with how to do it (properly).

Frankly I shouldn’t be let out by myself!

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