Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

24 Hours From Tulsa

24 Hours From Tulsa

It’s Friday. That is a good thing, this week has flashed past but at least the working part of it is nearly over.

Pump wise I’m feeling pretty good, my control is okay but I need to make a concerted effort next week to try and do some more fasting blood glucose testing. However as that is pretty much all I have talked about for the past two weeks I’ll give it a break now until I’ve actually managed to do them!

I have a fairly interesting weekend planned involving childcare (a good thing), DIY (good when it’s done) and the possibility that I may be doing a car-boot sale over in Clifton on Sunday (scary). However this depends a bit on circumstances. It’s a possibility that Deanne will do it but she seems to have caught whatever it is the little ‘un has had the past week or so, if it continues it might have to be me that does the market trader impression.

I’ll let you all know how it goes on Monday, and how the pump stands up to the action.

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