Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Pump-Monkey – Day 2

Waterstones in Nottingham

Where I Went at Lunchtime

Well I’ve been plugged in more than 24 hours now and it seems to be going okay, although I have a sudden, seemingly terrible, case of man-flu which I think is sending my blood sugar up a bit, as well as having had one particularly nasty high (15.9) at 9am, pretty sure I get the dawn phenomena but still need to wait a couple of days before I can start doing fasting blood tests as there will still be some basal insulin hanging around in me from B.T.P. (Before The Pump).

Total Hypo’s so far = 3

Total High’s so far = 2

The hypo’s are winning at the moment! Feel relatively confident that I’ll be able to sort it out but as I say I’m going to wait at least a couple of days before I attempt any kind of extra pump acrobatics.

As far as how I’m actually feeling betwen the highs and lows I am actually more relaxed about the whole thing than I thought I would be. I was expecting a feeling of constant nerves initially but it actually seems a lot more natural than I thought it would having a cannula stuck in my tummy and a tube coming out of me.

Bed was fine last night, wore a pair of shorts with pockets in and chucked the pump in the pocket, it survived fine and so did I! Not sure how long it’ll be before I feel brave enough to just let it dangle free when I sleep…I’ll let you all know.

The hypo today may possibly have been caused by my lunchtime jaunt to Waterstones, I have a suspicion that exercise shows itself a bit more obviously on a pump, might start playing with my exercise settings when popping out at lunch times?

I’ll jump on-line at some point this evening and get the pictures uploaded that Deanne took last night so you can see what the pump and the cannula actually look like on me. It is not, as my lovely wife suggested, just an excuse for me to show off my six pack 😛

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