Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Pump – Day 3

My Pump

My Pump

Well, things are continuing in much the same vein, the pump is continuing to pump and I am continuing to be pumped in to.

Last nights BM was 6.7 and then this morning I was 5.6 so I’m feeling pretty happy about overnight but still may need to adjust when I do my fasting blood tests overnight.

Had another high and a “nearly” low but at completely different times to yesterday. was 13.9 before lunch but forgot to do a test mid morning, was 15.0 and needed a bolus at two hours after lunch, weird ’cause I had the same lunch as yesterday when I was fine, then two hours after that I was 4.4.

I think the pump may have adjusted by -0.7 at this point but it didn’t make it very obvious. Have a horrible suspicion I might be low at dinner time but I’ll let you know tomorrow…

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