Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Party Time

Party Time

Saturday was an interesting day, Deanne spent most of the morning cooking for the big party in the afternoon which meant I spent the morning solely looking after the Little ‘Un. It was obviously quite hard work because by 13:00 when it got to party time I had already had two hypos!

However the afternoon went a lot better than expected. I’ve always had a problem in the past with buffets because I tend to badly miscalculate how much bigger than my eyes my belly is, that is I tend to keep eating until I realise my stomach is full and I can’t eat anything else. However for pretty much the first time ever I put food on my plate in the knowledge that if I kept eating I could just wind up a bit more insulin on the handset and keep on eating! Through the afternoon my blood sugar hung out around the five mark. I was very pleased about this.

Sunday was a DIY day (again) and it went pretty well, I tried winding down to 50% as a temporary basal rate and it seemed to do the trick, although I put it back to 100% a bit too quick after I’d finished and so I dropped a bit too quick. It was a lot better than usual though.

Today I was going to do some more fasting blood tests, however things haven’t quite gone to plan. Against accepted wisdom instead of redoing my morning one which I did last week I decided to try doing the 12:00 to 18:00 one, my idea being that I seem to drop (in to a hypo) pretty much every afternoon and that I need to sort this out pretty quick so I can get on with my afternoons without worrying about it anymore.

I certainly don’t seem to be having hypos or otherwise with the small adjustment I made to my morning basal rate so I figured I can come back to that one at a later date. However I did my first test at midday and it was 4.3. “Hmm” I thought, “that’s pretty low” but decided not to worry about it. Did another test at one and it was 2.8. This rather rained on my parade because of course you can’t continue with a fasting set of tests if you’ve had something to eat so I guess I’ll be trying again tomorrow?

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