Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Headless Donkey

Headless Donkey

As suggested I did indeed do some DIY over the weekend, however with the slapdash atitude those who know and love me have come to expect I approached the tasks I needed to do in fits and starts and therefore didn’t think it was worth dropping my dose any to accommodate the bits and pieces of work I was doing.

However the lack of any extra effort in my control didn’t seem to affect me too much, on Saturday when I did the greatest bulk of the work I was high once in the morning, which isn’t unusual, however in the afternoon I had three low’s but I put those down to innaccurate guessing of carbohydrates rather than the calorie burning and exercise that goes with doing it yourself.

Sunday was a different kettle of fish altogether, I was quite low at midday when I stopped for lunch, and all I had done in the morning was a small amount of painting…after lunch my blood sugar shot up within a couple of hours to 18!!! I have no idea why this happened as I’m sure I did my calculating right for lunch. Then when it got to tea time at about six o’clock I was low again (I’m talking under two for both of these ones).

Then to top off my Sunday at nearly half nine at night I had my first <NOT WORKING> alarm, and rather than being cool calm and collected I ran around the house like a headless donkey because I couldn’t find my manual to tell me what was going on. It was an E4 – Occlusion, which it turns out means that you should change the cannulla then check if that has fixed it. It did. So I had supper and went to bed.

For some reason today I seemed unable to get my BMs down, I had a 13, a 15, a 10 and a 12 before my body took over doing it’s normal mid-afternooon drop and I got low. However I seem okay now and I think that I’m going to do my first fasting BMs tonight so I’ll report back tomorrow through eyes held open with matchsticks, or more likely because of where I work pen drives or something?

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