Getting Used to an Insulin Pump

Day 9

Pack Your Bags Cold

Pack Your Bags Cold

Well today is the first day that I haven’t had a high (so far), in fact the highest my blood sugar has reached today is 7.4, which is pretty good actually. Of course it may have something to do with the fact that I failed to do a blood test between half six and eleven in the morning which is generally when my blood sugar goes up, but frankly it’s not been a bad day.

Admittedly 2.2 is pretty low but hey, you can’t have everything (and it was later this afternoon when I’m pretty sure I tend to drop every day)!!!

I actually feel like I’m starting to come to terms with the fact of having a cannula stuck in me 24/7 now. As I suspected it’s a bit like a tattoo where it’s so obvious that it feels like you can constantly see it out of the corner of your eye, even when you’re looking in the wrong direction.

I will however be very pleased when this dratted cold decides to pack it’s bags and leave the cosy temporary residence that is my body. I realise that the first fasting BMs I should do are the night time ones but I’m much more excited to find out what my blood sugar does in the day time, pretty certain I am relatively level through the night, then I wake up , have breakfast and my blood sugar rises to ridiculous levels, then drops down post lunch time until I’m low in the afternoon levelling off again before bed time.

However now I’ve written that down on t’Internet I’ll probably be proved horribly wrong in the fullness of time once I’ve actually carried out my tests.

If anyone would like to start a book on Dan’s highs and lows then I’d be quite willing to put in the first wager! 😛

Anyway, I’m feeling good today, which is bizarre because frankly feeling good when I’m ill is a bit alien to me and I suspect is down to the fact that I have a constant insulin supply and can tell my pump that it needs to give me more, more, more.

One final thing, I’m thinking that it might be a good idea to name my insulin pump, wondering how everybody feels about me running a competition to put names in to a hat for a small fee, then draw a random name out of the hat which the pump is saddled with forever. Mainly to raise funds for the Notts Type 1 Group!? Is this a good idea or a stupid idea? Let me know?

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